Lexi Film Fan
Exhbition | Lexi Cinema
Lexi Book Toaster
Digital | Book Toaster
Lexi Radio
Digital | Radio
Lexi Discarded
Object | Discarded
Lexi Film Fan
Digital | Film Fan
Lexi Spare Change
Digital | Spare Change
Lexi A Dolls House
Digital | A Doll's House
Lexi Crossed Lines
Digital | Crossed Lines
Lexi Drip
Digital | Drip
SFPC Invisible Juggling
Digital | Invisible Juggling
Interactive Home
Digital | Door
QPOG Comfort Table
Object | Comfort Paw
QPOG Musical Self-Affirmer
Digital | Musical Self-Affirmer
ITP Mood Indicator
Digital | Mood Indicator
Interactive Home
Digital | Complimentary Therapy
SFPC True Emotion Indicator
Digital | True Emotion Indicator
Object | Water
SFPC Laptop Home
Object | Laptop Home
ITP Bath Voyeur
Digital | Voyeurs & Secrets
ITP Dumells
Object | Wooden Dumbells
QPOG Flower Wraps
Object | Wall Ceramics
QPOG Ceramic Cones
Object | Ceramic Piles
SFPC Relics of the 21st Century
Object | Iphone Hands
SFPC Drawing With Wax
Digital | Drawing With Wax
Object | Misc
Object | Therapy
Workshop | Soft Toy Hacking
Lie Down And Die
Film | Hope and Frustration
Radio | Lesbians in the 1950s
Christian Life
Radio | Living in a Christian Cult